Friday, March 13, 2009


hello friends....i m back wid a new set of business related questions...
leave ur answers in the comments or mail me at

1.Associate the logo to a company(this was its 1st logo.there was some controversy related to the logo due 2 vch it had 2 b changed)

2.what is skymantra and vch company launched it?(it is supposed 2 b 1st of its kind) it-
And the word "quink".temme what does this formula gives and the relation wid the word "quink".(hint-the formula was used in some ad campaign)

4.what was a polish (Warszawska Fabryka Motocyklowa) motorcycle vch was a remake of the German DKW RT 125 with an enlarged 175cc engine?also name the company vch owns the product.

5.which company was started in Dr.Burman's free dispensary in calcutta's cotton street in 19th century?